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Whether you are an actor, educator, artist, executive, or entrepreneur, the ability to visually communicate to your clients is crucial.


As business owners we work so hard on our business, to network, to develop and grow our ideas. We work hard to get it to the place we have in our minds. You may be a business owner, your face may your brand, your creative skills and the list goes on.

Im sure you've heard the best way to grow your business is to work ON it instead of IN it! We know that it makes so much sense and yet many business owners that I speak to are lagging behind in the 'working ON' part. Its easily done but the good news is that its also easily rectified.

A powerful professional headshot and relatable brand photography serves as more than just a visual marketing tool. It is a creative partner helping to deliver results by elevating your brand’s message, to communicate with your target audience.

Professional photography is almost always on the "working ON my business' list but who loves the thought of a photo shoot, especially a headshot? You know you need them, but then there is the task of trying to find the right photographer - where do you start? From what you've glanced at online the head shots you've seen look too staged, too rigid and overall a bit too cheesy for your brand. This keeps putting you off so you push it to the bottom of that massive to do list - again!

You are looking to create a powerful presence...

With all of todays technology you'd think it would be easier for you or your business to be seen. Infact, its the polar opposite. Its never been more difficult to be seen than it is today, you have to shout a little louder and be more memorable in the sea of...wait for it... the 95 MILLION images posted on instagram EVERY DAY! Lets not forget about adverts, we see over 5,000 adverts every day, how many do remember seeing today?! You can see just how easy it is for your business to get lost - lets change that. Lets get your potential clients engaging with you and/or your business on a human level, lets quiet the chaos show what your business is really about and how it can solve problems or be the only one to choose above all others.

Its said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Do you share scroll stopping images showing the realness of your brand. Is your current headshot articulating you and your brand that you've work so hard to build? All of your hard work can be undone with poor imaging when it comes to engaging with your audience.

Whether you are looking for a striking head shot, a relaxed informal coffee shop portrait, business branding images for your website or a bank of images to drip feed to your social media accounts, I have the knowledge, and experience to capture you and what makes you and your business unique...and more importantly, to stand out.

Kind Words from Lovely Folks

  • I first met Seona about 7 years ago whilst collaborating to create beautiful alternative wedding images for advertising.

    She is lovely, not only does she have infectious energy, she is able to tap into a natural delivery of images. Recently she had worked with me doing head shots for my website. As being on the other side of the camera made me rigid, she was so easy to relax with and I can't fault her capture at all. Lovely."
    Una, from Blush by Una Boag - Wedding Hair Stylist
  • So grateful to Seona for the great job she did on my headshots.

    She made me feel so comfortable the whole time and the photos turned out wonderful! She made a real effort to find out what I wanted and checked in wth me as we went along. I was so pleased with the finished shots! I can't thank her enough! 

    Patrick O'Brien, Actor 


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